Ednse is a promising server band vendor in China. it provides sound solutions for data center, intelligent cabinet, whole machine of band, component of band. Leveraging the powerful underlying hardware, massive storage, professional maintenance, information security technology and the comprehensive data center solution, Ednse is capable of creating advanced server infrastructure, products and solutions for official business, enterprise and family. Ednse is fully supportive with wisdom government, enterprise cloud, and intellectual house.
         Ednse with dongguan's computer research and development and sales company, songshan lake factory production workshop, the business covers system and technology, service, professional server chassis solution, IT for more than forty countries and regions in the world products and services, all-round meet the demand of the government and the enterprise information. On the comprehensive strength ranks 2014 China server chassis manufacturers to none, the Chinese server manufacturers its leading position.

Over the years, the world is always with advanced technology and unique hardware power, is unique among Chinese server brand, and the key stage of the information industry development in China, the development of leading Chinese server hardware industry.

Ednse is one of the earliest server chassis brand producers in China. In the 1980 s, ednse predecessor, shantou auto accessories factory is engaged in the hardware components at the start of production. In 2000, was formally established the computer co., LTD., specialized in IT server hardware production and r&d.
      Since then, Ednse started a 15 years’IT venture based on technology innovation. Ednse has always been sticking to the idea of innovation, which has greatly promoted Chinese information industrialization in this important stage.
In 2007, Ednse independently developed its first server crate.
In 2009, Ednse independently developed the second generation of server crate.
In 2011, Ednse independently developed the third generation of server crate.
In the same year, Ednse was authorized with the Alumium Slide Rail patent in China.
In 2012, The fourth generation of server crate was well appraised from all over the world.
In 2012, Ednse was authorized with the international patent of Segmented Crate Technology.
In 2013, Ednse’s independently developed product--mobile network devices were deployed in all the buses in Dong Guan.
In 2014, Ednse independently developed the data center, which provides an integrated server room solution for enterprises.
In 2014, Ednse was authorized with the patent of miniature data center solution.
In 2014, Ednse independently developed the fifth generation of server crate, which is once again well appraised by clients all over the world.
In 2015, Ednse independently developed the NAS crate, which is the best snip among other miniature servers.
With the powerful hardware R & D capability, Ednse becomes one of the most influential server vendors. The technicians in Ednse are all qualified engineers and have more than 20 years’ experience in IT. They have made huge contribution for products currently present in market.
In order to improve the user experience and convenience in IT service, Ednse leverages its creative sale-maintenance unification idea to unify the computation platform and application solution, which eventually improves the stability, compatibility and maintainability.
     Ednse also with many outstanding global IT companies achieve strategic cooperative partnership. Through the cooperation, technology, talent and market ednse with these outstanding enterprises for the industry users with advanced IT application solutions, to create a leading science and technology. At the same time, with the excellent hardware products and IT services, who already abroad, sold in the United States, Europe and other countries set up research and development base, to Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe and other dozens of countries and regions to provide IT products and services, and set up economic and trade cooperation zone and industrial base in Germany.

As China's leading enterprises, a maker of servers ednse with innovative spirit, pragmatic attitude, promoting the informatization construction of various industries, making IT applications with unprecedented speed changing people's life, realize the dream of people. Who believe, pragmatic breeds success, innovative achievements of the future. Deng who will, as always, keep the spirit of innovation, constantly with new high quality products and services to users, make IT applications to promote the development of the society. Who was with the users hand in hand, to explore the world of enthusiasm, to implement the new dream, love your world protect your world.


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