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Intelligent information , sense the world
Leading the information technology revolution.
Perfecting information processing.
Broadening the human information intelligent communication .
Radical Innovation——We pursue innovation of breakthrough , and create higher value.
People Oriented —— We base on the convenience of people to create more high-end ,extensive ,flexible information processing products.
Quality First——We think quality means excellence. High-quality pursuit , customers high-quality requirements is our company quality standards to products, live and work. Our quality legislates the world .
Practical focus——Stepping every step steadfastly. A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step.
Theory of business : 
Integrity Service. We do not deceive ourselves as well as others. To make our service is integrity .
We guarantee satisfaction to customers,and always put the customer's interests first.
Our company provide development opportunities to employees,and treats them well.
The employees make progress together with our company .
We do not escape and actively assume its social responsibility .
Creating wealth for the society and return the society.

Management culture
loyalty:Loyal and honest.
solve :Ask for solutions that are difficult to solve immediately.
lean: Precision, precision, precision, no error, long, precise, lean.
superior:The product process and exterior are elegant, exquisite.
closely:Rigorous, serious, rigorous thinking.
inclusive:Understand, forgive, and understand things in the other person's perspective.
share :Open your mind and share your experience with knowledge, helping others as well as helping yourself.
warmly:Keep a warm heart for those around you and refuse to be aloof.

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