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Ednse dongguan songshan lake profile
  Ednse enterprise group incorporates factory recently QuanTang industrial zone in Songshan lake completion Zhongxing street.The factory is specialized in Cnc sheet metal processing production, metal stamping mould manufacturing and processing business.Factory building area of more than 2000 square meters, existing staff more than 50 people, including 3 Metal hardware Engineer, metal production personnel 10 people, mold design personnel 3 people, mould mechanic 6 people, stamping 18, testing personnel 3 people, can perfect support relevant materials such as sheet metal, metal molds and metal stamping process.

Ednse enterprise group Songshan lake factory has strong sheet metal production、metal stamping mold design and manufacturing and processing capacity.Realizing the Cnc sheet metal processing equipment, Cnc LiFu punch 1 set, Cnc Amada bending machine 2 sets, and 1 set shearing machine. Mould processing equipment is also increasingly to the development of numerical control, to the development of a complex and difficult mold.Existing fast walking thread cutting machines 3 sets, precision grinding machine nearly 10 sets mold processing equipment, such as precision automatic punching machine 12 sets, 120 T punch press 1 set.
Products include Computer chassis, Server support, Audio hardware, Exchange of the case, Router shell, Communications chassis, precision hardware, such as notebook computer machine, precision metal stent, all kinds of bronze, phosphor copper, stainless steel shrapnel, week of computer terminals, terminals, communications products of all kinds of heat sink, etc.


Ednse such put on a pair of powerful wings as also, in the field of server and data center, flying high!

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